DON’T think you need to be in shape before you start, you don't need to be worried before you come to a class, and you don’t need to go on a diet first. CrossFit is not just a bunch of very in shape super athletic people; we all have our strengths and weaknesses and continue to work on them every time we are in the gym. You don't have to know how to do any of the movements before you come in. That is why we have coaches for every class. We put all new members through a foundations course to learn all of the movements, and range of motion standards, as well as form and technique to keep you healthy and safe.



DO know before you come in: You will be working out so bring some clothes and shoes for a workout. You need to eat before you come. Your body is very similar to your car, if you don't put fuel in it, it won't run. Bring a cup or water bottle. We have a water cooler that you are welcome to use, just nothing for you to put it in so please bring something.



It might be tough to convince yourself to get here but we guarantee that if you come in you won't regret it. It's going to be tough but we are here to never let you give up!



CrossFit MOB Thornton

CrossFit MOB Thornton CrossFit MOB Thornton



Yo CrossFit MOB

Yo CrossFit MOB Yo CrossFit MOB
Johanne Snavely (Yo)

Co-Owner / Coach / Level 1 certified


Competition experience:

Placed 1st, Pro Team MBS Turkey Challenge 2013

Placed 13th, Regionals competitor 2013

Placed 4th, Winter WOD Fest  2012

Placed 4th, Regionals team competitor 2010, 2011

Placed 3rd, Fittest Games open division

Placed 1st,  partner Winter Open

Placed 26th, CO open 2010


I've played sports pretty much my whole life, I had always been pretty active until the time in life came where I was consumed by work and everything else. I knew that I needed something, I just couldn't figure out what it was. Dave (the other owner/trainer) had been trying to convince me to try CrossFit insisting that I would love it. It took a while but I finally tried it. I couldn't even finish my first workout, but I had to get more. I signed up right away knowing that I needed something that had structure and would push me. I never knew what joining CrossFit would mean for my life. It changed everything; I started to gain more confidence, more self-esteem, and more understanding of my self and my abilities. So many of those things were not even just in the gym. CrossFit had definitely touched all parts of my life.It wasn't long after my first competition that I realized that I really loved this and was addicted. It was like a drug. Soon after I became so passionate about what it had done for me I wanted to make sure that others had the same opportunity to change their lives.

David Lehrke

Dave CrossFit MOB

Dave CrossFit MOB Dave CrossFit MOB

Co-Owner / Coach / Level 1 certified 2009


Competition experience:

Placed 1st, Pro Team MBS Turkey Challenge 2013

Place 2nd, Team Colorado Lift the Rockies 2013
Colorado CrossFit Open 2009

Vail Lacrosse Shootout 2006 – 2011

2nd Team All-American Collegiate Lacrosse


In 2009 while personal training at a big “Globo-Gym” a co-worker introduced me to CrossFit. I knew instantly it was the perfect fit. Throughout my life I have competed in various sports from grade school, through college and still today. CrossFit provided me with a level of fitness I never experienced. I became certified in CrossFIt and loved to introduce others to the sport of fitness. From the beginning I knew I wanted to open up my own box. Until that could happen I was training out of my two-car garage.


In August 2012, this passion became a reality and CrossFit MOB was created. I want to create the same passion and experience I have gained through CrossFit and provide it to individuals looking to better their lives physically and mentally. CrossFit not only provides you with better physical skills, it allows you to become mentally stronger in your every day life.

Bridget Brown

CrossFit MOB Thornton

Bridget Brown Bridget Brown

Coach / Level 1 certified 2011 / USAW Olympic Lifting certified 2010


Competition experience:

Placed 1st, Pro Division Winter WOD Fest 2013

Placed 17th, Southwest Regional individual competitor 2013

Placed 2nd, Team Lift the Rockies 2012

3 Marathons

3 Half Ironmans

2006 NAIA Nationals Qualifier 4x800m


I've been involved in some type of athletics for my whole life, which include swimming, soccer, volleyball, running, triathlons, dance and now Crossfit. I actually got into Crossfit as a way to help me train for triathlons. My friend Mike McLeish was starting his first gym in 2008 and I was his guinea pig (I remember the first time doing Barbara, with a blue band and not being able to use my hands the rest of the day). While I came to Crossfit with an athletic background, I had to learn how to do a squat, pull-up, and double under just like everyone else. But by getting to work out with other people, Crossfit helped filled that hole where college team sports use to be.


Over the past 6 years I have trained at multiple Crossfit gyms, even while deployed to Iraq, and also just by myself in my home garage. It wasn't till I moved to Colorado that I finally had a steady coach and I saw my lifting ability improve drastically. Last year I set out to qualify for regionals and I did, just barely. My next goal is to go to regionals as a team. I love how everyday feels like a competition with yourself and you are constantly challenging the limits of what’s possible. I hope to bring a new perspective to the athletes of MOB so they can continue to grow and achieve their own personal goals.


Bridget received her Bachelors degree in Engineering Physics from Embry Riddle Aeronautical Univ and will finish her MBA from the University of Colorado spring 2013. She currently works from home for a small internet marketing company and trades the stock market regularly. She is a proud beer drinker, enjoys snowboarding, karaoke, movies, and watching football.

Kevin Garcia


Coach / Level 1 certified 2013


Competition experience:

Placed 1st, Cops Fighting Cancer 2012

Placed 2nd, Warrior Fit 2012

2 Triathlons

Once Bowled a 200 Game Dressed Like a Ghostbuster 


I’ve always been a fiercely competitive person, which won’t come as a shock to those who have met me for more than 10 minutes. Whether it was sports growing up, my career, even card games with my wife! This competitiveness fueled me even after my sports career ended and led me to doing city league sports, running races and triathlons, which were rewarding but not exactly what I was looking for.


I was introduced to Crossfit in 2011 by my brother and spent many hours watching clips on YouTube before seeing the Crossfit Games on ESPN. I was intrigued and knew it was something that I could get into. At the time my options for a gym were limited so I began doing “Crossfit like” workouts with some coworkers at lunch. I was instantly hooked! I joined Crossfit MOB shortly after and have never looked back. There’s nothing like Crossfit to improve both ones physical abilities but also their mental toughness! I saw the way I approached life, my job and my daily priorities change immensely after Crossfit.


I’ve always known that I wanted to coach sports (I helped coach baseball starting at 17) and the community of Crossfit is what led me to attaining my Level 1 certification. I am very thankful to the gym members who pushed me to begin coaching and to share my passion of Crossfit with others. I look forward to the opportunity to help others grow as athletes and the life changing effects that can have outside the gym!

CrossFit MOB Thornton

Kevin Garcia Kevin Garcia
Cheryl Falbo


Coach / Level 1 certified 2013

Mobility Certification 2014


Competition experience:

2013 Lift the Rockies – Masters/Partner – 1st Place

2013 Open - Placed 7th Southwest Masters Women 50-54

2013 Open – Placed 68th World Masters Women 50-54

2012 Warrior Dash (one and done!) 

2008 NPC Mile High Natural Figure Competitor – 4th Place 


I was introduced to CrossFit by a friend, who had been asking me for quite some time to give it a try.  My daily routine prior to CrossFit would include an hour of cardio and an hour of weights in a “Globo-gym”.  Needless to say, once I tried CrossFit, I never looked back!  Growing up, I played sports, specifically basketball and golf, so the competitive nature of CrossFit certainly peeked my adult interest.  In addition, to the competitive aspect, I truly love the confidence that CrossFit adds to your life, both inside and outside of the “box”. 


My passion and love for the sport inspired me to obtain my Level 1 Certification.  One of the greatest joys you can experience as a coach, is in helping a fellow member and then watching them achieve something that they never thought possible.  For those of you that know me…watery eyes or even tears have been known to occur during these special moments!


Because I am Master’s athlete, I know how to modify to achieve optimal results.  For me, CrossFit isn’t about how much weight you can lift, or how many rounds, or your time, but more of a commitment to perform your absolute best.  This provides an indescribable feeling of accomplishment without the need to compare your capabilities to a fellow athlete.  Compete with yourself and no one else!


Favorite Quotes:  “She believed she could, so she did”!

       “Do today what others won’t so you can do tomorrow what others can’t”!


Kevin Garcia Kevin Garcia
CJ Lovett




I attended Fort Hays State University and earned a bachelors degree in Political Science. While attending FHSU I was on scholarship with the football team. I was a 4 year starter at defensive back. I earned MIAA Freshman of the year, All-Conference, All-Region, and All-American honors.  


Post college I played Arena football in Wichita, Kansas and Fort Collins, Colorado. I found Crossfit, or rather it found me on Black Friday 2012. I was convinced to come try a workout by a friend after he heard me complaining of watching people at a globo gym half squat and grunt doing bicep curls. Needless to say I was destroyed by the workout that morning and got instantly determined to never be beaten down that same way again. I've been addicted ever since. 


I have 12 years of experience with Olympic lifting and have learned tons on the discipline, but I still have a lot to learn. In my time with Crossfit I've always been the guy giving hints and tips to less experienced lifters and thought the natural progression would be to start coaching. So here I am.


Kevin Garcia Kevin Garcia