1. Friday 9/20/2019

    Friday: Deload Week Gymnastic SkillsWith a 10:00 clock, alternate between: 21 Banded Good Mornings 25-50' Handstand Walk Not for score. 10:00 of Practice. Athlete's choice on the O-Course design.   Primer: (in class) E2MOM X3 3 TTB 3 deadlifts 3…Read More

  2. Thursday 9/19/2019

    Thursday: Partner workout “Dumb & dumber” (25min cap) 100 DB bench press 80 DB front rack lunges 60 DB hang cleans 40 DB box step overs (24/20”) 20 DB Turkish getups DB weight: 55’s/35’s *one partner works, one rests. All movements are …Read More

  3. Tuesday 9/17/2019

    Tuesday: Deload Week Conditioning (in class)  "Road Trip" 5 Rounds: (25min cap) 15 Kettlebell Swings (70/53) 400 Meter Run 40 Double Unders *sub plate hops for DU. kB swings should be 2 sets or less. Cashout: (in class) Death by ab-Mat sit-ups (star…Read More

  4. Monday 9/16/2019

    Monday: Deload Week Tempo Overhead Squats (in class) 5 Sets of 1: EMOM  Tempo: 5 Seconds Down, 2 Seconds Pause. Building up to 65% of ohs  Pausing Overhead Squat 3 Sets of 1 Pause: 2 Seconds in Bottom Conditioning (in class) "Hot Mess" (12min cap) …Read More

  5. Wednesday 9/11/2019

    Wednesday: Clean Technique Much like yesterday, set blocks so that the bar when weighted rests at knee level. A) Block Clean Pull - 3 Sets of 3 B) Block Clean High Pull - 3 Sets of 3 C) Block Power Clean - OTM x 8 - 2 Reps Primer: (in class) EMOM x4 …Read More

  6. Tuesday 9/10/2019

    Tuesday: Snatch TechniqueSet blocks so that the bar, when weighted, sits at knee level. A) Block Snatch Pull - 3 Sets of 3 B) Block Snatch High Pull - 3 Sets of 3 C) Block Power Snatch - OTM x 8: 2 Reps Conditioning (in class) "Big Bird"AMRAP 18: 20 …Read More

  7. Monday 9/9/2019

    Monday: Gymnastic Conditioning "21 Guns" 21-15-9: Strict Pull-ups Strict Handstand Push-ups Stamina Squats Alternating On the Minute x 12 (6 Rounds): 3 Front Squat 6 Back Squats Barbell: 75% of 3-Rep Max Back Squat Final iteration of Stamina Squats. …Read More

  8. Wednesday 8/28/2019

    Wednesday: Handstand Walk Conditioning 5 Rounds, Not For Time: 500 Meter Bike Erg 40 Double Unders 30' Handstand Walk Primer: (in class) E2MOM X3 6 Wallball 3 UB deadlift building to AHAP 5 HRPU Conditioning (in class) 25min total "Frank the Tank" Pa…Read More

  9. 8/27/2019 Tuesday

    Tuesday: Gymnastic Conditioning 5 Rounds, Not for Time: 300 Meter Row + 40% Unbroken Ring Muscle-ups Light pace on the row. Aim here is to challenge our ring work with light breathing. Strict Press (in class) Every 90s 5 Sets of 3 Repeat from last we…Read More

  10. Monday 8/27/2019

    Monday: Stamina Squats (in class) Alternating On the Minute x 12 (6 Rounds): 2 Front Squat 4 Back Squats Barbell: 73% Max Back Squat Snatch Technique Work Part A - Snatch Grip Sotts Press 5 Minutes to Build to Moderate Set of 3 Part B - Snatch Drop 5…Read More