1. Wednesday 12/11/2019

    Wednesday: Strict GymnasticsFor a video overview on the flow of Strict Gymnastic sessions, click HERE. 0:00 - 6:00 :20 Second Wall-Facing Handstand Hold 2 Strict Ring Muscle-ups (Or Banded Strict) 6:00 - 12:00 1 Strict Chest to Bar Pull-up + 15' Hand…Read More

  2. Tuesday 12/10/2019

    Tuesday: Silverback Primer 3 Sets: 5 Inchworms 200' Single Arm Overhead Carry (Change Every 50') First of two iterations, with the second being a week from today. We will typically be completing strict gymnastic work on Tuesday's, but with the 10RM P…Read More

  3. Monday 12/09/2019

    Monday: Silverback Primer 3 Sets For Quality: 8 Suitcase Deadlifts (Each Side) 12 Double Kettlebell Front Rack Step-ups (6 Each) Week #1 of 2 with this set. Let's set the baseline today, and build upon these weights next week. Back Squat Waves (Week …Read More

  4. Wednesday 11/27/2019

    Wednesday: Silverback Primer 3 Sets Each Side: 7 Single Arm Dumbbell Bench Press 7 Single Arm Dumbbell Bent Over Row Pausing Overhead Squat (in class) 5 Sets of 1 every 90s *10 Second Pause in Bottom *Build to a moderate load. Conditioning (in class)…Read More

  5. Tuesday 11/26/2019

    Tuesday: Strict Gymnastics (A) Not For Time: 30 Wall Walks Strict Gymnastics (B) (post Wod if time allows)  4 Giant Sets For Quality: 10 Horizontal Ring Rows :10-:20 Second Ring Support Hold Conditioning (in class)  "Sea Horsies” 3 Rounds: (30min…Read More

  6. Monday 11/25/2019

    Monday: Silverback Primer 3 Sets: 6 Single Kettlebell Lateral Box Step-ups (Each Side) :20 Second Hollow Hold 200' Single Kettlebell Farmers Carry (change at 100') Olympic Complex (in class) On the 2:00 x 5 Sets: 3 Power Cleans 3 Front Squats 3 Pus…Read More

  7. Thursday 11/7/2019

    Thursday:   Skill (in class) Go over/practice Toes 2 rings and burpee box step overs. Conditioning: (in class) “The GRID” Teams of 2 5 rounds for time: (25min cap) 20 DB burpee box step overs (50’s/35lb 24/20”) 20 DB thrusters (50/35’s) 20…Read More

  8. Wednesday 11/6/2019

    Wednesday: Gymnastic Conditioning On the 2:00 x 5 Sets: 9 Overhead Squats (115/85) 6 CTB Pull-Ups 1-3 Bar Muscle-Ups Take OHS barbell from the floor. Kilos - 52/38   Skill conditioning: (in class) Reverse Tabata banded sprints  Reverse Tabata bik…Read More

  9. Tuesday 11/05/2019

    Tuesday: Push Jerk (in class)  On the 2:00 x 5 Sets: 3 Push Jerks Barbell taken from the rack. Aim is to build to a moderate load, but not a heavy. Conditioning (in class)  "Bruiser" AMRAP 12: 15 Push Jerks (115/85) 30 Air Squats 60 Double Unders…Read More

  10. Monday 11/4/2019

    Monday: Strength: (in class) E2MOM X5 5 back squats @75% Conditioning: (in class) “Fire ball” 12 min AMRAP 25 KB swings (55/35) 20 goblet lunges (55/35) 15 GHD Sit-ups *Swing goal is 2 sets or less. Lunges are stationery forward stepping. Mod v-u…Read More