Spring has arrived and summer will be here before you know it. Whether you want to achieve the perfect beach body or just feel healthier and be more confident in your skin, CrossFit training can help you out. If you are just trying out CrossFit workout routines for the first time or if you’re a seasoned pro, here are some CrossFit exercises that are great for a whole body workout.

CrossFit workout routineBarbell Thruster

This move requires your body to exert a large amount of energy, which crushes body fat and is a whole body conditioner. With diet and additional cardio, this move is great for working out your abdominal region. Start with eight to 12 reps and do three to four sets after a shoulder or leg workout. This can also be done using dumbbells if you are unfamiliar with the barbell.

How to do it: The barbell thruster is done by adding weights onto a barbell; choose a weight that you feel comfortable and don’t be afraid to start out slow. Lift the barbell up to your chest and shoulder – the rack position. Keep your elbows up high, your feet should be shoulder-width apart and your toes should be pointed out 10-30 degrees. Squat down and then as you come up from the squat, push the barbell above your head. Without pausing at the top, bring the barbell back to rack position and repeat.

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Wall Ball

This is a fantastic workout for your legs but is also great for the core and arms as well. It might not look very demanding, but the combination of working the legs, core, and arm muscles will leave you sore the day after. Do this CrossFit exercise after a cardio session for an extra leg workout. Do five rounds of 20 reps.

How to do it: You need a medicine ball that weighs 14 pounds or more and a sturdy wall that is at least nine feet high. Stand a couple feet away from the wall, holding the ball in front of your head. Squat down and on the return up, toss the ball against the wall around nine feet high. Try to catch the ball as you squat down again and then repeat. Try to increase speed and efficiency.

CrossFit ExercisesOverhead Kettlebell Swings

It might look like you are getting a great arm workout, but this will primarily work out your hamstrings and glutes. Do three to four sets of 12-15 reps.

How to do it: Use a kettlebell weighing anywhere from 35-54 pounds. Put the kettlebell on the ground about eight to 12 inches in front of you. Hinge to grab the kettlebell and swing it between your legs keeping it high and tight. Use your hips to force the kettlebell above your head, bring the kettlebell back down and between your legs and repeat. Be sure to not harm your lower back by squeezing your glutes and abs. For beginners, start with a regular swing by bringing your arms and kettlebell parallel with the floor.

These are just three CrossFit exercises that can be done to work out your whole body. If you’re looking to change up your workout routine, give the CrossFit training program at Crossfit MOB in Thornton a try. Participate in our CrossFit WODs and bodyweight workouts and you will be on your way to your confident summer body.