1. Such Encouraging Coaches!

    Love this gym! The coaches are super knowledgeable, friendly and encouraging; what a great atmosphere.…Read More

    Stephanie Peters Lampshire
  2. I felt at home!

    Great gym. All there made us feel at home. Thanks Gabriel :).…Read More

    John Meyerhofer
  3. It is a great place!

    Crossfit MOB kills any preconceived ideas of who can do Crossfit.  You don't have to be young, a certain body type, already in shape or a crazy workout-aholic  to start Crossfit at MOB.  I am a 40 something mom and I love it here!  The coaches are fantastic.  They actually know what they are talking about and teach you how to work out safely and effectively.  Anything done in class can be modified or ramped up to accommodate any level of at…Read More

    Audrey Bishop
  4. They love me and I love them

    I had a preconceived notion about Crossfit long before I even considered it. I had heard rumors and based on people I saw who did Crossfit, I assumed it would never be anything I would even want to try. In addition, I am super overweight and I thought Crossfit was way out of reach. "There is no way I will be able to keep up" kind of attitude. MOB in particular changed my opinions. I met the owner, Yo, first and she didn't judge me. Just offered t…Read More

    Gretchen Blase