Stamina Squats (in class)
Alternating On the Minute x 12 (6 Rounds):
2 Front Squat
4 Back Squats

Barbell: 72% of 3-Rep Max Back Squat

Snatch Technique
On the Minute x 5:
3-Position Muscle Snatch
3 Overhead Squats

Rest 1 Minute

On the Minute x 7:
Power Snatch
Overhead Squat
Squat Snatch

Conditioning (in class)
“Rocket Power”

For time: (9min cap)
21 Bar-Facing Burpees
21 Power Snatches
15 Bar-Facing Burpees
15 Overhead Squat
9 Bar-Facing Burpees
9 Squat Snatches

Pounds – 115/85

*power snatches should be sets of 5 or fast singles. OHS 2 sets or less. Squat snatches fast singles.

Body Armor
3 Giant Sets:
7 Pausing Waiter Squats (Left)
14 Hollow Rocks
7 Pausing Waiter Squats (Right)
14 Hollow Rocks
50′ Single Arm Overhead Carry (25′ Each Arm)
Rest 2:00 between efforts.