Split Jerk
3 Sets of 3 – Tall Jerk
4 Sets of 2 – Pausing Split Jerk
5 Sets of 1 – Split Jerk
Building to a heavy single for the day.

Conditioning (In Class)
“Jack Squat”
Wearing a 20/14# Weight Vest:
21 Front Squats, 21 KB Swings, 400m Run
15 Front Squats, 15 KB Swings, 400m Run
9 Front Squats, 9 KB Swings, 400m Run
Rx Barbell – 135/95
Rx Kettlebell – 70/53

-This is basically Murph prep. Those planning to go Rx’d with a vest on Murph can wear a vest but those who don’t shouldn’t. Weights today should be something that allows for large sets if not unbroken reps on each set. 12-15 Min Workout

Body Armor (In Class)
3 Giant Sets:
Max Dumbbell Bench Press (70’s/50’s)
12 Chest Supported Rows Dumbbell Rows
12 Lateral Box Step-Ups (6/side)
Rest 2:00 between.