Monday – 01/3/22:

Every 90s x5:

3 pause back squats (3s) @75% or AHAP

*sets are across

“What the Helen”

For Time: (15min cap)

1,200 Meter Row

63 Kettlebell Swings 53 / 35 lb

36 Pull-ups

*KB sings doable in 4 sets. Mod banded pull-ups.


Tuesday – 01/4/22:



10 ring dips

*use band or add weight to ensure sets of 10 are challenging.

“Opening Up”


10 Wallballs

15 Burpee Box Jump Overs

20 Wallballs

15 Burpee Box Jump Overs

30 Wallballs

15 Burpee Box Jump Overs

Add 10 Wallballs Per Round

Wallballs: 20 / 14 lb (10/9ft.)

Box: (24″/20″)

SCORE: Rounds + Reps. If you finish the round of 40 wallballs and get 10 wallballs in the round of 50, your score would be 4+10.

Wednesday – 1/5/22:

“The Other Total”

For Max Load:

Power Clean

Bench Press

Overhead Squat

[10 Minute Time Cap For Each Lift]

INTENTION: Athletes will get 10 minutes for each lift. This will be a 30 minute running clock so be intentional when transitioning from lift to lift. You do not have to use the entire 10 minute for each lift, transition whenever you are ready. The bar should begin empty at the start of the workout.

POWER CLEAN: From the floor. Must be caught above parallel.

BENCH PRESS: From a rack. Barbell must touch the torso in the bottom and elbows should lockout at the top.

OVERHEAD SQUAT: From a rack. Hips should travel below the knees in the bottom and fully open up at the top. Athletes can push press, push jerk, or split jerk from the back rack to get the bar overhead.

SCORE: Enter weights for each lift. The sum total will be the overall score. This is a benchmark workout that we will repeat around this time next year.

Thursday – 1/6/22:


Every 90s X 5

8 split squats (each) AHAP

*HOLD DB’s or KB’s in front rack

“Practice makes perfect!”

Workout #3

Presented by 5.11 Tactical

“The floor is Lava!”

For Time (12 Min Cap)


Sandbag Box Step Overs


Thruster 95/65

*use gym sandbags or KB.

  • Score: Time
  • Scaled: Sandbag lunges, leg raises, 75/55lb thrusters
  • If sandbag touches ground at anytime during WOD, 5 synchro burpees must be performed before continuing. M/F teams; one bag must be off the ground at all times.
  • Break parallel with leg raises

Friday – 1/7/22:


Every 90s x 5

3 deadlifts

Build to heavy. Last set is HEAVIER than workout weight.

“Push to Start” (

For time (15min cap)


Wall Walks

Deadlifts 275 / 185 lb

Double Unders (10x)


Saturday – 1/8/22:

? Of the day:

“Only Frans”


Thrusters 95 / 65 lb


[Rest 2 Minutes]


Thrusters 115 / 85 lb

3-2-1 Rope Climbs (15ft.)

[Rest 2 Minutes]


Thrusters 135 / 95 lb

Burpee Pull-ups

SCORE: Total time including rest.